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Therapy metaphors gives you the benefits of a top therapist who has used hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP to help to improve the lives of thousands of people. Just click on the links below. Watch the videos free on YouTube. They will help you to relax while entertaining you.
< Autumn Leaves from 'Fantasies and Dreams'.
Think of the things in your life that you would like to let go, the things that give you stress, anxiety, panic and anger: things you do not want to do any longer, your negative thoughts, and everything that is stopping you from being the person you would like to be.
Summerhouse Hill from 'Fantasies and Dreams'.
You know that you have returned to where you started from, but it is no longer what it was. It is a starting point for a new way for you to look at your life in a positive way; and in the future it can be a starting point for a fresh climb up the hill to those glorious sights, sounds and feelings. But as you look around you realise that the biggest difference is, you. You can leave stress and anxiety and panic behind.
Animated Stories and Metaphors read on YouTube for guidance
The Bird's Worlds from 'Short Stories and Metaphors'. Being unhappy or bored with our lives can push us to take risks beyond our control.Sometimes the urge to progress ever onwards brings dangers.
The Snail and the Slug from 'Moving Forward'. We have to be grateful for what we have rather than be unhappy at what we do not have. When we envy others we should use our desires to motivate us to do more to move forward in our lives to achieve what we want. Envying others never gets for us what they might have. Only our own efforts will achieve our goals.
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This book will help you to find what you want. It will satisfy your need to find happiness and fulfilment in a balanced way. It entertains in a comfortable way and gives balance in your life. If you are looking for relief from problems, contentment and joy, it will grant you peace and freedom. It will build confidence and stability in your world. Written by a therapist with a passion for mental and physical health, the results these short stories and metaphors are worth more than money.
Hypnotherapy: causes, effects and strategies for effective treatment with hypnotherapy, and NLP. Hypnotherapy is essential reading for anybody who practices, wishes to practice and for clients who want to seek help from a therapist. A therapist should be a catalyst for beneficial change. He/she listens, and then works out patterns and then changes perceptions to achieve constructive results. He/she should be a facilitator for positive change rather than a creator of a Frankenstein client full of false beliefs. A therapist is a channel for change. Written by the author of The Secret Language of Hypnotherapy, this book cuts through the mysterious nature given to therapy. Forget outrageous claims and strange techniques that hide a straightforward process from therapists and clients alike. Using his experiences with a large number of problems presented by many clients over a substantial period of time, this book is aimed at giving guidance and level-headed advice to new therapists, established therapists and their clients. John Smale cuts away many of the absurdities in complicated and way out therapies and allows the therapist to offer sound and constructive help in achieving a positive outcome for the client.