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Gain the benefits of a top therapist who has used hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP to help to improve the lives of thousands of people.
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...here is how to make that difference...you are just a few clicks away...
Gain the benefits of a top therapist who has used hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP to help to improve the lives of thousands of people.
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Moving Forward, Life Changing Short Stories and Metaphors for Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy & NLP
by John Smale

The most perfect thing about humans is our lack of perfection. Moving Forward is the positive outcome of that. We can realise that there is something better in the future. When we berate ourselves for not being perfect we wallow in failure. But, when we see that the future can be better we thrive in the optimistic feeling that no matter what has befallen us there is always the opportunity for betterment rather than assuming that we have reached an end point.
As you read this book either to yourself, to other people or to your clients you will find insight into problems. This allows movement away from difficulties towards finding solutions and implementing them. The decision to look at life from new perspectives gives the chance to earn your true value in the world and to profit from constructive change. Rather than being held back by old beliefs and attitudes the reader moves into a new way of thinking, a new way of acting and a new way of life. Taking and acting on decisions is paramount to success.
By moving forward now, you are investing in a brighter future.
Mind Changing Short Stories and Metaphors
by John Smale

When used in NLP and hypnotherapy, metaphors have long given insights into the difficulties of people and have shown the ways in which we can escape or improve. If the stories strike a chord with you, then they also show a way out. These short stories, metaphors and interactive scripts will help you to eliminate negative thoughts and achieve your dreams by allowing you to relax while reading stories that can bring about positive change. Some of the stories will relax you, others will make you think. Some allow you to enter a light feeling of hypnosis.Hypnotherapy and hypnosis have been major users of metaphors to show different approaches to problems and their resolution. Milton Erickson, the grandfather of modern hypnotherapy used metaphors to great effect in resolving problems with his patients. Self hypnosis allows you to enter the areas of your mind where you can become imaginative and optimistic. You can create your dreams and the ways in which you will achieve them. Based on a huge amount of therapeutic work, these short stories, metaphors and interactive scripts can help you to bring about positive changes, eliminate negative thoughts and achieve your dreams.
Short Stories and Metaphors
by John Smale

When we look in a mirror we can see a reflection of how we are and how we want to be. We live in a stressful world. Very often we live at a distance from the people who we could ask for help or advice. Regrettably, it is often easier to recognise the causes and effects of problems after the event, with the benefit of hindsight. Therefore, these short stories and metaphors, based on real-life experiences, have been written in order to offer help to people who are suffering, or who might suffer, from negative influences in their lives. The stories are based on the adverse effects that behaviours, attitudes and actions have had on the lives of others. Therefore, if the readers can benefit from recognising symptoms of their own issues that have caused problems, then there is the possibility that they can take corrective action before suffering strikes them. They stem from the therapeutic experiences of a hypnotherapist and how people have exchanged their problems for happiness using short stories and metaphors and NLP.
The Short Stories and Metaphors 3 Book Collection
by John Smale

This book combines the three books above into one volume. It will help you to find what you want. It will satisfy your need to find happiness and fulfilment in a balanced way. It entertains in a comfortable way and gives balance in your life. If you are looking for relief from problems, contentment and joy, it will grant you peace and freedom. It will build confidence and stability in your world. Written by a therapist with a passion for mental and physical health, the results these short stories and metaphors are worth more than money. They cover many personal issues including: Abuse, Alcohol and Drugs, Fears and Phobias, Spiritual and Metaphysical, Positive Growth, Self-Help, Self-Discovery and much more in an interesting and easily read way.This book is a superb value compilation of three highly commended books of short stories and metaphors for the reader and for hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP that has been written by an acclaimed therapist. These metaphors unlock riddles, they should solve your personal puzzles, they will give fresh understanding and allow pennies to drop. In other words, and similes, they are like a shortcut to beneficial insight and resolution. They will explain a view of life and it problems from many years as a successful therapist.
by John Smale

The Stranger Than Fiction Novel That Will Have You Questioning Your Own Life...and Death.
The book begins and ends in a derelict French house for no explicable reason, with the question of whether a manís experiences were fact or fiction and whether he is alive in a sad and lonely world or if he is dead in the next world and is a ghost of his previous depraved self. This extraordinary and ground breaking novel is different to those you may have read before. It tells the story of a man whose immoral life was changed by an experience where his conscience was given free reign over his selfish logical mind. The transformation that followed gave him a new chance at living a decent life, but which he eventually ignored and took advantage of his mental state and its imaginings.
Printed books for therapy and therapists.
Dealing With Negative Emotions: Manage Anger, Blame, Jealousy, Tantrums and Relationships
by John Smale

Are you having problems with anger, blame, jealousy, tantrums and relationship issues? Then this book is for you. It helps to bring happiness, peace, joy and fulfilment back into your world. It will give you balance, confidence, comfort, stability and relief. Make your life a pleasure again. Emotional baggage is a heavy load to carry. It can ruin lives because it weighs down on us and it sits in our heads from time to time, or to nearly all the time. The suggestions, advice, tips and metaphors in this book will show you how to recycle yourself and turn out to be new and sparkling, shiny and clean. John Smale, a therapist who has helped, literally thousands of people to overcome their major problems in his career has written this book to help resolve problems. This book offers his skills and huge experience to enlighten the reader and to give them solutions. He shows you how to recycle difficulties into the path to find a happy and fulfilled life.
Hypnotherapy by John Smale

This is an honest and open book that explains the causes, effects and treatments for many of the problems that a therapist is asked to deal with using hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP.
John Smale is a therapist who wants to share his many years of experience with existing therapists, new therapists and clients who need to know the truth. It is essential reading for anybody who wants to know more.
Very often hypnotherapy is like working on a cryptic crossword. You have to look for clues from your clients. This book helps you by giving a lot of the letters for you to make solving those puzzles simpler. The task of a therapist is to expose the cause of each problem and then defuse the negative effects to build a positive future for the clients. They will trust you to help them. This book makes it easier for you to help them.
Strictly for Therapists is an exposition of the authorís experiences with a large number of problems presented by many clients over a substantial period of time. It is aimed at giving guidance and level-headed advice to new hypnotherapy and NLP therapists, established therapists and their clients.
Covering the topics of abuse, anger, anxiety, breathing, fear, goals, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, ibs, impotence, infertility, insomnia, panic, smoking, spider, weight loss and far more as well, this book is an essential reference work.

  • This is an honest book that explains the causes, effects and treatments for many of the problems a therapist is asked to handle. From making new associations using various therapies to handling abuse, phobias, and other patient issues, this is a powerful, important presentation. Midwest Book Review
  • As I was reading this book I knew I had knowledge already acquired but this lit the light bulb above my head and has given me a new found confidence to move forward with some better and focused study. Steve, counselling student
  • In his book, John Smale a practicing Hypnotherapist of some +15yrs, does what I believe is an excellent job in reflecting a practical down to earth understanding, of a subject and profession. I truly believe that both existing practitioners & enquiring minds alike will benefit from reading this book. T M Collins, Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • The Secret Language of Hypnotherapy by John Smale

    Eliminating a few words from your thinking and your speech can change you, and others. Making a few subtle changes can persuade you, and others, to change minds. This book helps you to make contact with those seemingly distant parts of your mind to enable you to rid yourself of problems. The secret and hidden language you need is contained in this book. You learn how to relax, hypnotise yourself and other people. You will discover how to overcome some of the major fears, phobias and personal problems of modern life. Hypnosis and hypnotic techniques go back to the early dawns of time. A lot of what happens today was relevant to the survival of our ancestors but, today those primeval drives often mess up modern living. When we learn how to talk with our unconscious minds then we can start living successful and fulfilling lives.